Easy taking promotes easy drinking

20 maart 2014

Easy taking promotes easy drinking On May 21/22 the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy (STAP) and the Estonian National Institute for Health Development (TAI) organize a third European conference on alcohol law enforcement in Tallinn, Estonia: “Easy taking promotes easy drinking”.

The goals of this meeting are firstly to continue the networking and exchange of good practices between European countries and secondly to take a closer look at specific interventions that enhance compliance with the alcohol laws and make enforcement more efficient. The two major topics Selling to minors and Over serving will both be discussed thoroughly during the day and the evening program in the city centre of Tallinn.

Many interesting speakers like Dr. Jacek Moskalewicz from Poland, Dr. Darin Erickson from the United States and Dr. Joris van Hoof from the Netherlands will present the latest insights in European alcohol consumption and effective law enforcement. Also Mark Worthington from the Northamptonshire Police will share his experiences with what is called the most effective enforcement strategy to enhance compliance with age limits. And the city of Tallinn will give all participants a look behind the scenes of their alcohol law enforcement strategies during the evening program. So if you are interested in hearing all about new interventions and law enforcement strategies on age limits and over serving, please mark 21 and 22 May 2014 in your agenda.

Below you find the program for the conference.

final-program-enale-conference-2014-tallinn-21-and-22-may.pdffinal-program-enale-conference-2014-tallinn-21-and-22-may.pdf (526 kB)

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