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Criticism of EUCAM on research commissioned by STIVA (9 January 2017)
The European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing (EUCAM) criticized today the research report 'Social Media Age Check Alcohol-adverteerders' by R2 Research commissioned by the Foundation for Responsible Alcohol consumption (STIVA), an association of Dutch manufacturers and importers of beer, wine and spirits. More >>
Extra excise duty on sparkling wines abolished (20 December 2016)
As of January 2017 a bottle of champagne will be on average 1.10 euros cheaper. That's because the Dutch government abolishes the additional duty on sparkling wine (sometimes called bubbly-tax). Today, Senate agreed to the Tax Plan in which this has been settled. More >>
Van Rijn: Excise up and decrease availability of alcohol (16 December 2016)
State Secretary Martin Van Rijn (Health) recommends future cabinets to look seriously at increasing the excise duty on alcohol. That is an effective way to curb drinking, Van Rijn said in a letter to the parliament. At the same time it brings money to the Treasury. Van Rijn also advises to consider two other internationally recognized effective measures to make people drink less alcohol, namely limiting the number of outlets and a total ban on alcohol advertising and - sponsorship. More >>
Netherlands must grasp the opportunity to strengthen European legislation on alcohol marketing (5 December 2016)
In 2017, the European marketing Directive will be revised – the only European legislation in the area of alcohol marketing. EUCAM (European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing) and the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP believe that the Dutch government has to grasp this once in a decade opportunity. More >>
Health-related Organizations launch Alcohol Manifesto (1 November 2016)
Eleven organizations participated in the launch of a unique Alcohol Manifesto asking minister of health Edith Schippers and state secretary Martin van Rijn to take measures proven to be effective. More >>
6,100 people last year in ER for alcohol intoxication (27 October 2016)
6,100 Dutch people visited in 2015 the emergency room for alcohol intoxication, an increase of 73% over the past decade, a study by VeiligheidNL finds. More than 15,000 visits were for alcohol related accidents or violence and 2,700 for alcohol related self-harm or suicide. More >>