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Dutch State Secretary warns municipalities not to participate in ‘alcohol-blurring-pilot’ (18 January 2016)
State Secretary of Health Martin van Rijn urges the Dutch Union of Local Authorities to stop facilitating experiments with the Alcohol Licensing and Catering Act. In these experiments in about 50 municipalities it will be tolerated that retail stores providers sell and serve mildly alcoholic beverages in violation with the current law. The idea behind it is that it will make city centers more attractive. Van Rijn has announced that he will appeal municipalities participating in this so called 'blurring-pilot'. More >>
New year’s eve: More people in emergency department due to alcohol intoxication (3 January 2016)
The number of people who ended up in an emergency department because of alcohol intoxication at new year’s eve, has increased with 27%, the Consumer Safety Institute and broadcaster NOS report today. More >>
Municipalities should do more to stop ‘all you can drink’ parties (29 December 2015)
Local authorities should play a more prominent role in efforts to top youngsters drinking so much alcohol, according to the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP, which promotes responsible drinking. In particular, STAP says it is concerned about ‘all you can drink’ parties, for which the entrance fee covers unlimited alcohol. More >>
Dutch TV commercial for alcohol free beer legally classified as alcohol commercial (17 December 2015)
The Dutch Media Commissariat has ruled that some radio and TV commercials for Amstel alcohol free beer 0.0 should be seen as alcohol advertising and as such should not have been allowed to be broadcast before 9PM according to the Media Act 2008. More >>
Compliance with the age limit only 30.2% (15 December 2015)
An analysis of 5,886 attempts by Dutch mystery shoppers to buy alcohol, shows that alcohol sellers are still obstinate to comply with the alcohol age limit. Of every three attempts of mystery shoppers under the age limit to buy alcohol, two are successful. That score shows the last three years, hardly any change. However, there are notable differences by type of outlet. More >>
Chilled beer in supermarkets near milk and fruit juices contrary to the law (16 November 2015)
Heineken introduced last week Heineken Extra Vers. Extra Vers is beer brewed according to the original Heineken recipe, delivered cold and as quickly as possible to one of 33 special selected supermarkets in a special packaging. This way the freshness and purity of beer, fresh from the lager tank, is maintained. Heineken Extra Vers will not be found on the beer shelves, but in the cooler in the fresh section, near milk and fruit juices. More >>