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Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP: “Beer is too cheap” (21 October 2016)
Beer is too cheap and needs a minimum price, according to the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP. Director Wim van Dalen told RTL Nieuws on Friday that supermarkets are selling beers for "ridiculous prices" such as a crate for less than € 5, or 20 cents a bottle. More >>
Social cost-benefit analysis of three regulatory policies to reduce alcohol use in The Netherlands (3 October 2016)
If all costs and all benefits of alcohol use are expressed in monetary terms, the net costs were 2.3 to 2.9 billion euro in 2013. Examples of the costs of alcohol are less productivity at work, costs of police and justice and traffic accidents. Alcohol also has benefits, for instance excise tax income for government. The feeling of wellbeing that consumers may experience from drinking alcohol has also been expressed in monetary terms. The monetary benefits of alcohol have been subtracted from the costs of alcohol to arrive at the final estimate of net costs for society. More >>
Well educated pensioners more likely to drink too much: survey (20 August 2016)
Well-educated pensioners are more likely to be heavy drinkers compared to their less skilled peers, according to the latest lifestyle monitor published by the national statistics office CBS, public health institute RIVM and the Trimbos-institute. More >>
New study supports link between alcohol advertising and adolescent drinking (3 August 2016)
A study published today in the scientific journal Addiction finds that exposure to several different types of alcohol marketing is positively associated with the amount and frequency of drinking among adolescents across Europe. More >>
STAP hopes that new verdict will stop alcohol deregulation pilot (30 July 2016)
The regional Court in Utrecht ruled last week that the municipality of Nieuwegein is violating the Alcohol Licensing and Catering Act by allowing that some entrepreneurs of non-food stores and other non-licensed retailers, sell and serve alcoholic beverages. More >>
More drunk drivers sent on alcohol awareness course (25 July 2016)
The CBR, the Dutch driving licence authority, sent last year 10,312 people on a compulsory educational course after they were caught for driving while intoxicated. In 2014 this was 9.036. These figures are collated by LocalFocus. More >>