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Emergency room docs fed up with drunk, aggressive patients (25 April 2016)
Dutch emergency room doctors are calling on the government to make alcohol more expensive and more difficult to come by. They’ve had enough of drunk, aggressive patients acting out in emergency rooms, the Dutch association for emergency room doctors NVSHA said in the Telegraaf. More >>
Hospital Amsterdam rings alarm bell on drunken patients (16 April 2016)
OLVG, one of the greatest hospitals in Amsterdam, is ringing the alarm bell on the nuisance caused by drunken patients in the Emergency Department. Certainly thirds of patients entering the emergency room on a Friday or Saturday night, has looked deep into the glass. Some swearing, spitting, threatening and throwing stuff. More >>
Uncontrollable expansion of alcohol selling places will go on, despite verdict of a regional Court (7 April 2016)
The regional Court of Overijssel gave last week a reprimand to the municipality of the capital city Zwolle for not enforcing some paragraphs of the Alcohol Licensing and Catering Act on false grounds. Zwolle stopped the enforcement of the ban on off premise sales of wine in non foodstores during the time they are participating in an alcohol deregulation pilot. More >>
Dutch government gave a grant of € 6.6 million to Heineken for ‘development aid’ through trade in Africa (23 March 2016)
The Dutch government gave in recent years a € 6.6 million grant to Heineken for so-called development aid in Africa. Prime Minister Rutte praised Heineken in September 2015 during a speech to the UN, because of the purchase of beer barley from local farmers in Africa. More >>
Alcohol industry sows doubts on new Dutch alcohol guideline (21 March 2016)
The Dutch alcohol industry started a campaign to undermine the credibility of the new official alcohol guideline of the Health Council of the Netherlands. Since last November the advice is: "Don't drink alcohol or drink no more than one glass daily." Instead of recognizing the social importance of the new guideline, the Foundation for Responsible Alcohol Consumption (STIVA) find them not sufficiently proven and “too rigorous”. In STIVA the Dutch manufacturers and importers of beer, wine and spirits work together. More >>
CBL and Jumbo formed cartel against Ageviewers (9 March 2016)
The Court of The Hague ruled today that CBL (Dutch Food Retail Association) and Jumbo supermarkets have violated the Dutch Competition Act, by ruling out the the age verification system Ageviewers. More >>