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Free water a condition for festival licences: Amsterdam (27 August 2014)
Amsterdam city council will only grant licences to festival organizers if they guarantee festival goers will have unlimited access to free tap water to fill up their water bottles. Festival organizers are supposed to ensure that there is one tap for every 150 visitors. More >>
Fewer Dutch people drink and drive (5 August 2014)
The number of Dutch people driving under the influence of alcohol has fallen by a quarter in the past four years. Last year, nearly 35,000 motorists were fined for DUI, in 2010 nearly 46,000. More >>
Councils lax in applying new drinking age laws, few fines so far (12 July 2014)
Local councils have handed out very few fines to bars and shops for selling alcohol to the under 18s since the Alcohol Licensing and Catering Act was changed at the beginning of this year. More >>
Zero limit for driving under the influence of alcohol ánd drugs or of a combination of drugs (1 July 2014)
A broad majority in the House of Representatives has today approved the legislative proposal of minister Ivo Opstelten (Security and Justice) and minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and Environment) that enables a tougher approach to be applied to car, motorbike and moped drivers under the influence of alcohol ánd drugs or a combination of drugs. More >>
Secretary of State will talk with Mayor of Terschelling about enforcement Alcohol Licensing and Catering Act (5 June 2014)
The local authorities of Terschelling can no longer allow underage youth drinking at the campsites on the island. Health Secretary of State Martin van Rijn (Labour) will personally see to it that Mayor Rob Bats enforces the Alcohol Licensing and Catering Act stringent. Campsite owners violating the new rules about public possession of alcohol for under 18 must be tackled severe. More >>
713 young people with alcohol poisonings in hospital (27 May 2014)
In 2013 the number of young people under 18 who ended up unconscious in hospital due to alcohol, stayed relatively the same. Last year, 713 children were hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. The year before that, 706 children. More >>