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Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP

STAP is a national, independent knowledge institute of alcohol policy. It was established in 1994 and it advocates effective alcohol policies and greater public awareness of the risks of alcohol. STAP works towards dissemination of objective information about the health risks of alcohol and other forms of alcohol related harm.

STAP is also one of the most experienced research and consulting organizations for alcohol policy in the Netherlands. In recent years STAP conducted research for more than 100 municipalities (both large and small), mostly compliance research. STAP bases its recommendations on scientific knowledge and on proven effective experiences.

Activities in 2015 and 2016

Action point 1. Dissemination of information about the effects of alcohol on health
Thanks to new studies it is increasingly clear that moderate alcohol consumption is harmful to both young and older people. The key message of the Dutch Health Council - as far as alcohol concerns - is: "Do not drink alcohol or at least no more than one drink per day." For young people the message is: "No alcohol under 18". STAP endorses these official drinking guidelines and will disseminate them.
STAP also wants a greater focus on the relationship between alcohol and pregnancy and alcohol and (breast) cancer. STAP works with other organizations to educate the public in this regard.

Action point 2. Promotion of better enforcement of the legal age limit
Since 2013, municipalities have the duty to maintain compliance with the legal age limit. STAP aims to support local authorities in this task. She advises municipalities, supports local enforcement officials and advocates at the national level for the introduction of effective age control systems. In cooperation with the University of Twente STAP also conducts compliance research with mystery shoppers.
STAP wants to make it legally possible that mystery shoppers can be used for enforcement purposes.

Action point 3. Prohibition of low prices for alcohol in the retail
Cheap beer and wine in supermarkets and liquor stores are a threat to public health. STAP wants a prohibition of low alcohol prices, by the introduction of a statutory minimum price for all alcoholic beverages.

Action point 4. Fighting against increasing the number of outlets
The Netherlands has about 63,000 alcohol outlets, apart from sales at events and festivals. Some municipalities want more on premise outlets, to stimulate city-visits. STAP is against more outlets as it is a proven fact that more outlets will lead to a higher alcohol consumption and more damage.

Action point 5. Advocating for a ban on alcohol advertising and sponsorship
Alcohol advertising is focused largely on young people and adolescents. And with success. Young people who have seen many alcohol advertisements at a younger age, drink more. STAP advocates at national and European level for a total ban on alcohol advertising and a ban on sport sponsorship by the drinks industry.

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