Date: Event: Place: Information:
8-9 September 2018 Annual Conference of the Society for the Study of Addictions Newcastle, England
13-14 September 2018 Alcoholism, Stigma, and Disability Symposium Bristol, England
13-14 September 2018 Alcohol and Humans; a Long and Social Affair London, England
19 September 2018 On the Move: Alcohol and Travel Newport, England
24-26 September 2018 European Conference on FASD 2018 Berlin, Germany
26-28 September 2018 INEBRIA Santiago de Chile, Chile
27 September 2018

Time to Deliver New York, United States
28 September 2018
Alcohol, NCDs and Sustainable Development
New York, United States

5-6 October 2018
Nordic and Baltic Alcohol Policy Model
Stockholm, Sweden
14 November 2018

Medical Council on Alcoholism Symposium 'Risky Drinking'
London, England
20-21 November 2018 8th European Alcohol Policy Conference Edinburgh, Scotland
15-17 May 2019
11th International Conference on Nightlife, Substance Use and Related Health Issues
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP
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