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More young teens hospitalized after excessive alcohol use (16 February 2015)
783 Dutch children below 18 were hospitalized after excessive alcohol use (mainly alcohol intoxication) last year, the highest number in history. Pediatrician Nico van der Lely of the Reinier de Graaf Hospital in Delft told the media that the increase was mainly caused by extremely young drinkers. More >>
Halt Alcohol sanctioning programme not effective (3 February 2015)
A study by Bureau Beke shows that the alternative sanctioning programme for youngsters violating the law, is not effective. The programme has no positive effect on young people’s knowledge about alcohol, their attitude in regard to alcohol consumption, their drinking behaviour, their parents’ knowledge about alcohol, their parents’ attitude in regard to their children’s alcohol consumption and parents’ involvement with their children. More >>
Dutch foreign aid used to subsidize Heineken in Ethiopia (31 January 2015)
On the 31st of January, the Dutch television program ‘Nieuwsuur’ broadcasted a program on the fast growing beer market in Ethopia that is subsidized by Dutch foreign aid. More >>
Member Thesis Committee: There is enough proof that alcohol has effect on adolescent brain (6 December 2014)
Reinout Wiers, professor of developmental psychopathology at the University of Amsterdam and member of the thesis committee of Sarai Boelema, who studied the effects of alcohol on the brains of adolescents, put that research today into perspective in an open letter to De Volkskrant. More >>
Neuro-psychologist Sarai Boelema: no evidence that drinking teenagers perform worse (3 December 2014)
According to a new study, there is no evidence that young people will perform worse because of alcohol use. A long-term study of 2,230 Dutch adolescents shows that drinkers perform no worse than non-drinkers when it comes to memory, impulse control and concentration. The study only shows a different maturation of concentration in alcohol-addicted girls. More >>
Under-18s still able to buy alcohol and cigarettes in supermarkets (18 November 2014)
The under-18s are still able to buy alcohol and tobacco in supermarkets. Two out of five attempts were successful, according to research by the food retailers’ association CBL. More >>