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Member Thesis Committee: There is enough proof that alcohol has effect on adolescent brain (6 December 2014)
Reinout Wiers, professor of developmental psychopathology at the University of Amsterdam and member of the thesis committee of Sarai Boelema, who studied the effects of alcohol on the brains of adolescents, put that research today into perspective in an open letter to De Volkskrant. More >>
Neuro-psychologist Sarai Boelema: no evidence that drinking teenagers perform worse (3 December 2014)
According to a new study, there is no evidence that young people will perform worse because of alcohol use. A long-term study of 2,230 Dutch adolescents shows that drinkers perform no worse than non-drinkers when it comes to memory, impulse control and concentration. The study only shows a different maturation of concentration in alcohol-addicted girls. More >>
Under-18s still able to buy alcohol and cigarettes in supermarkets (18 November 2014)
The under-18s are still able to buy alcohol and tobacco in supermarkets. Two out of five attempts were successful, according to research by the food retailers’ association CBL. More >>
Alcohol selling at petrol stations remains prohibited (22 October 2014)
Alcohol selling at petrol stations remains prohibited. This appeared Wednesday from a decision of the Council of State. Ewout Klok, owner of a petrol station in Hoogeveen, must pay a fine of € 900 for selling beer. More >>
DWI down (10 October 2014)
The report “Driving under the influence in the Netherlands in 2002-20013″ published today by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment shows that fewer motorists get behind the wheel after they have been drinking on weekends. The downward trend is remarkably strong among young men between the ages of 18 and 24. More >>
Successful conference on alcohol, health and policy (4 October 2014)
The Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP held Friday its second international conference in Amsterdam. The title of the conference was' Alcohol, health and policy'. There were approximately 160 participants from the Netherlands and abroad. More >>