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Chilled beer in supermarkets near milk and fruit juices contrary to the law (16 November 2015)
Heineken introduced last week Heineken Extra Vers. Extra Vers is beer brewed according to the original Heineken recipe, delivered cold and as quickly as possible to one of 33 special selected supermarkets in a special packaging. This way the freshness and purity of beer, fresh from the lager tank, is maintained. Heineken Extra Vers will not be found on the beer shelves, but in the cooler in the fresh section, near milk and fruit juices. More >>
New advice Dutch Health Council: "Do not drink alcohol or at least no more than one drink per day." (5 November 2015)
The Health Council of the Netherlands, an independent scientific advisory body for government and parliament, published yesterday the report ‘Healthy Food Guidelines 2015’. Based on the available scientific literature the advice of the Health Council concerning alcohol consumption is: "Do not drink alcohol or at least no more than one drink per day." More >>
Liquor stores battling supermarkets for booze buyers (23 October 2015)
A fierce battle is going on between liquor stores and supermarkets over the sale of liquor in so-called bubble shops – indoor liquor stores located within supermarkets. These bubble shops offer a relatively limited assortment of liquor. Most of them are small, unmanned and people often have to ring a bell to get help. This makes them much cheaper to operate than liquor stores. More >>
Ageviewers removed from Dutch market (26 September 2015)
The age verification system Ageviewers is removed temporarily from the Dutch market. HEM, the company behind Ageviewers, is compelled to do so because of arrangements in the supermarket sector to boycott the implementation of the system. HEM has already instituted legal proceedings on antitrust grounds against two organizations involved in these arrangements. More >>
Bar closing hours across the Netherlands (10 September 2015)
In the Netherlands there are no national regulations as to opening and closing hours of bars. This is completely the competence of the municipalities. New research by the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP indicates that 86% of all municipalities in the Netherlands has set formal closing times. More >>
Drinking water doesn't prevent a hangover, Dutch study says (29 August 2015)
Raiding the fridge or downing glasses of water after a night of heavy drinking won't improve your sore head the next day, Dutch research suggests. Instead, the only way to prevent a hangover is to drink less alcohol. More >>