Crate beer on offer 35% more expensive since stunt ban

31 May 2023

Crate beer on offer 35% more expensive since stunt ban A crate of beer on offer cost an average of €14.22 in the supermarket in the first months of this year. In a crate there are usually 24 bottles with 300 ml beer.

Two years ago, before it was forbidden to stunt with the price of alcoholic drinks it was €10.52. This has been investigated by market researcher Circana at the request of

A crate of beer on offer has therefore become no less than 35% more expensive. "While the same crate became just over 4% more expensive when it was not on offer," says Sjanny van Beekveld of Circana. "The price increase is much less than that of other products in the supermarket." A crate that was not on offer went from an average of €17.02 in 2021 to €17.74 now.

Since 1 July 2021, it is forbidden for a retailer to offer more than 25% off the price he normally charges. Nor should he give the impression that he is more than 25% cheaper than others. "This year the discount will be 24.75%", Van Beekveld calculates. "Before the stunt ban, the discount averaged over 60%."



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