41% Dutch adults are sticking to one alcoholic drink a day

11 March 2020

The Health Council of the Netherlands, an independent scientific advisory body for government and parliament, published in 2015 a new Alcohol Guideline. Based on the available scientific literature the advice concerning alcohol consumption is since then: "Don't drink alcohol or drink no more than one glass daily." In the Netherlands one glass contains normally 10 gram ethanol.

New figures from the national statistics agency CBS revealed that 41% of adults stick to the Alcohol Guideline, up 4 percentage points compared to five years ago. Women and the elderly, in particular, are most often abstemious.

The survey also showed that people on low incomes are most likely to keep to the recommended amount of alcohol while people on high incomes are least likely to moderate alcohol use. Moderate drinkers also tend to smoke less and take fewer drugs.



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