Chilled beer in supermarkets near milk and fruit juices contrary to the law

16 November 2015

Heineken introduced last week Heineken Extra Vers. Extra Vers is beer brewed according to the original Heineken recipe, delivered cold and as quickly as possible to one of 33 special selected supermarkets in a special packaging. This way the freshness and purity of beer, fresh from the lager tank, is maintained. Heineken Extra Vers will not be found on the beer shelves, but in the cooler in the fresh section, near milk and fruit juices.

According to the AD, a Dutch newspaper, the chilled beer will costs € 1.09 per bottle almost twice as much as an 'ordinary' bottle of Heineken.

Sandra van Ginneken, senior policy officer at the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP: "The way Heineken offers this beer is contrary to the Alcohol Licensing and Catering Act. According to that law alcoholic beverages in the supermarket must always be clearly separated from alcohol free beverages. Beer on the shelves near milk and orange juice is not allowed."


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