There will be no Holland Heineken House at the Olympic Games next year

23 June 2020

Even if the Olympic Games in Tokyo do go ahead next year, there will be no Holland Heineken House, the meeting place for fans and Olympic athletes. The Dutch Olympic Committee NOC*NSF concluded last Monday when discussing the annual figures that the costs are too high.

In March, NOC*NSF took already the decision that there would be no Holland Heineken House in summer 2020 given the consequences of the spread of the corona virus.

It is financially not possible to create a meeting place next year if the Olympic Games in Japan go ahead. Just like all sports associations, NOC*NSF is affected by the corona crisis. "We have already made a run-up to the Games in 2020 and will have to run and finance it next year again. The risks are too high," said treasurer Annette Mosman at the members’ meeting.

The Holland Heineken House has been in existence since 1992 and has been at every Summer and Winter Games ever since. During the recent Olympics, the Holland Heineken House was the place where medal winners were honored in presence of their Dutch fans, usually the same evening of their sport performance. This was broadcasted on Dutch television.

There has always been much criticism of the way in which the athletes are honored. Heineken came into focus too emphatically. The Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP has therefore regularly openly opposed Holland Heineken House (for example in the newspaper Het Parool).



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