Dutch employers want to test workers for alcohol

7 March 2018

Employers organizations MKB-Nederland and VNO-NCW want the Dutch Privacy Act to be extended so that employees in more professions can be tested for alcohol or drugs. They also want companies to be able to request more information from sick employees, ANP reports. The Lower House of Dutch parliament, will discuss Thursday a bill to amend the Privacy Act.

Currently only employees in certain professions - like pilots or train drivers - can be tested for alcohol and drugs. But according to the employers, allowing this for more professions will make it possible for companies to better guarantee safety.

Asking more questions of sick employees could also help them get back on their feet faster, the employers organizations said, according to the news wire.

Trade unions are vehemently against the proposal. According to them, the privacy of sick employees are already under pressure in some cases because health and safety services and occupational physicians don't always work independently.



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