Heineken adjusts advertising posters because models look too young

2 June 2023

Heineken adjusts advertising posters because models look too young Heineken removes advertising posters because the models on them look too young. The selfregulatory Advertising Code for Alcoholic Beverages states that models in alcohol advertising may not be younger or appear evidently younger than 25 years. Other posters are now taking their place.

Health promoter Martijn Planken posted a message about the campaign on LinkedIn. Three teenagers he asked to estimate the age of the models said they appeared to be between 16 and 18 years old. Planken thinks Heineken could have avoided the fuss over the advertising posters if the company had wanted to. "They knew exactly what they were doing and they pushed the edge and actually went over it and say 'oops' afterwards. I don't believe that. I think they have very good payed attention in advance. Heineken knew this and wanted to see if they could get away with it."

Peter de Wolf, director of the Foundation for Responsible Alcohol Consumption (STIVA), the lobby organization of the alcohol industry, contacted Heineken in response to the criticism of the advertising posters. "That […] the models are estimated to be between 16 and 18 years old is of course not the intention," he responds on LinkedIn.

The advertising posters in question are disappearing from the streets, a spokeswoman for Heineken confirms. "Because of the suggestion that the models look young, we have decided to change the advertising. This has been discussed with STIVA. We will of course continue to make sure that we comply with the rules."

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