CBL and Jumbo formed cartel against Ageviewers

9 March 2016

The Court of The Hague ruled today that CBL (Dutch Food Retail Association) and Jumbo supermarkets have violated the Dutch Competition Act, by ruling out the the age verification system Ageviewers.

The court established that both the CBL Code "Responsible alcohol sales in the supermarket" and the ID-campaign have the object of impending the implementation and proliferation of the Ageviewers system and therefore are declared void and nonexistent. Furthermore the judge ruled that CBL and Jumbo are liable for all damages inflicted to Ageviewers since 2008.

HEM, the organization behind Ageviewers, is obviously very happy with this judgment. It will now make every effort to resume activities. Moreover HEM calls on politicians to take legal action without further delay so it is no longer allowed to use ineffective age verification systems. It also asks tobacco and alcohol producers to support Ageviewers.

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