Extra corona measures for three weeks: catering venues closed at 8 PM

12 November 2021

Dutch Cabinet announced today a partial lockdown that will last at least three weeks. For catering venues this means a closing time of 8 PM and fixed seats for everyone.

The existing obligation to use the "corona entery pass"-system, both for the indoor and the outdoor areas, will remain. Take away and delivery is allowed.

Essential shops, such as supermarkets and liquor shops, will also close at 8 PM.

With a lockdown of three weeks, cabinet is going further than the two weeks advised by the Outbreak Management Team. But the cabinet does not go as far on other points: for example, cinemas and theatres remain open, contrary to what the OMT had recommended.

Sports events may continue, but without an audience in the stands. Non-essential shops must close at 6:00 PM, events may last until 6:00 PM. Home visits are limited, working from home is strongly advised.

The House of Representatives will debate on the new rules on Tuesday.



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