Working conditions beer promotional girls still unsafe

3 September 2018

Heineken has broken its promise made a few months ago, to guarantee good working conditions for promotional girls or to stop otherwise.

"If we cannot guarantee the working conditions of beer promoters in a certain market by the end of June, we will stop deploying them there for the promotion of our brands", Heineken promised this spring.

Dutch newspaper NRC went to take a look in Kenya. Despite the promise of Heineken, the promotional girls in Nairobi have not seen any improvements in recent months.

Heineken now says that it has stopped using promotional girls in five countries. Which countries is unclear; the company only mentions Mozambique.

"As much as we would like, unfortunately these improvements cannot be realized from one day to another", writes a spokesperson. "Undesirable behavior towards female bar visitors in general and beer promotional girls in particular is a persistent problem, and we will continue to do everything we can to create a safe working environment for them."

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