Restaurants and cafes may serve outdoors

20 April 2021

During tonight's press conference, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that restaurants and bars may serve outdoors during daytime as of 28 April.

Seating areas at restaurants and cafes may be open from 12 AM to 6 PM, under certain conditions:
- Each establishment may have a maximum of 50 guests.
- Each guest must be registered and assigned a seat.
- Self-service is not allowed.
- No more than 2 people may be seated at a table, sitting 1.5 metres apart. If everyone at the table is part of the same household or if the party includes children under 13 more people are allowed at a table, less than 1.5 metres apart.
- Visitors can go indoors only to pay, use the cloakroom or go to the toilet.
- Face masks must be worn indoors.



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