Compliance with the age limit only 30.2%

15 December 2015

An analysis of 5,886 attempts by Dutch mystery shoppers to buy alcohol, shows that alcohol sellers are still obstinate to comply with the alcohol age limit. Of every three attempts of mystery shoppers under the age limit to buy alcohol, two are successful. That score shows the last three years, hardly any change. However, there are notable differences by type of outlet.

The least bad scores are from supermarkets (average 51.2% correct compliance with the law) and liquor stores (41.8%). Downright bad is the compliance behavior of the hospitality industry (22.2%), cafetarias (15.4%) and sport canteens (15.2%). The fact that since 2014 the legal purchasing age is 18 years, seems to have had little impact on the average compliance behavior of the alcohol sellers.

The compliance studies, commissioned in 133 Dutch municipalities, were conducted in 2013, 2014 and 2015 by the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP and the University of Twente.

factsheet-de-naleving-van-de-alcoholleeftijdsgrens-door-supermarkten-slijterijen-horecagelegenheden-cafetarias-en-sportkantines-in-2013-2014-en-2015_3.pdffactsheet-de-naleving-van-de-alcoholleeftijdsgrens-door-supermarkten-slijterijen-horecagelegenheden-cafetarias-en-sportkantines-in-2013-2014-en-2015_3.pdf (578 kB)


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