The European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing or EUCAM was established in 2007 by STAP (Dutch institute for alcohol policy) in the Netherlands and operates under the support of the NGOs: ACTIS; AV.OG.TIL; IOGT-NTO; NAD (Nordic Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research); Danish Alcohol Policy Network and; Eurocare Italia. Since 2008 the State Agency for Prevention of Alcohol-Related Problemes (PARPA) became a supporting partner of EUCAM.

EUCAM is set up to collect, exchange and to promote knowledge and experience about alcohol marketing throughout Europe. The knowledge partly results from ELSA, the European project that brought together 27 NGOs and governmental officials in order to evaluate the existing regulations regarding alcohol marketing.

The objectives of EUCAM are:

1. Promoting the Monitoring of Alcohol Marketing

EUCAM aims to create opportunities and to promote monitoring of alcohol marketing in Europe in order to gather reliable information about the volume and content of alcohol marketing and about the functioning of the existing procedures related to the regulation of alcohol marketing.

2. Promoting and disseminating impact research

EUCAM aims to be an easy accessible source of current information and knowledge on the impact of alcohol marketing in European countries.

EUCAM publishes summaries of recent scientific studies on its website together with overviews of reports written by NGOs, governmental organizations and the alcohol industry. In addition, EUCAM updates its overview on alcohol marketing regulations in Europe.

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