Catering venues will remain closed for at least another ten days (14 January 2022)
Caf├ęs, restaurants, cinemas and theatres will remain closed for the next ten days. The cabinet did not consider further relaxation because the number of corona infections are increasing too rapidly in the fourth wave of the pandemic. More >>
Senate approves excise bill (21 December 2021)
Today the Senate approved the bill of State Secretary Hans Vijlbrief (D66) that amends the Excise Act. Vijlbrief's bill passed the House of Representatives on December 7, 2021. More >>
Complete lockdown in The Netherlands (18 December 2021)
The spread of the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus must be slowed as soon as possible in order to ensure healthcare services remain available to all. This is why the government has decided that the Netherlands will go into lockdown from Sunday 19 December until at least Friday 14 January 2022. More >>
New Cabinet will relax Alcohol Act in shopping areas (15 December 2021)
The new Dutch Cabinet Rutte IV will relax the Alcohol Act. The proposal is to allow shopowners in shopping areas to serve mildly alcoholic drinks to customers. Think of clothing and book shops, hairdressers, barbers, massage parlors, bicycle repairers, launderettes, heel bars, etc. Supermarkets can organize tastings in the shop or even set up wine or beer tasting bars. More >>
As of 2024 beer excise based on alcohol content (7 December 2021)
The majority of the House of Representatives approved today the bill of State Secretary Hans Vijlbrief (D66) that amends the Excise Act. More >>
Minors see fewer alcohol spots on television, but are still reached by alcohol marketers (3 December 2021)
How many alcohol spots were broadcasted in 2020 around television programs after 9 PM that were viewed by more than 100,000 young people aged 12-17? More >>

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