Dutch minors are exposed to alcohol advertising excessively (11 April 2024)
The 2023 Annual Alcohol Advertising Report shows that many minors in the Netherlands are confronted with alcohol advertising. Despite the fact that the alcohol industry largely adheres to its own agreement that alcohol advertising may not be specifically aimed at minors, they are still reached on a large scale. More >>
The game the alcohol industry played with the Dutch National Prevention Agreement (12 March 2024)
In 2018, Paul Blokhuis (then State Secretary of Health, Welfare and Sport) announced the National Prevention Agreement with the aim of a healthier Netherlands in 2040 by reducing smoking, obesity and problematic alcohol use. A total of 70 partners joined the agreement. More >>
House of Representatives adopted motion asking mapping advertising restrictions and bans (5 March 2024)
On March 5, the House of Representatives adopted a motion asking the government to investigate legal alcohol advertising restrictions and bans. More >>
Controversial choice of Heineken as sponsor of '750th Anniversary Amsterdam' (27 February 2024)
Heineken and the city of Amsterdam join hands to make the 750th anniversary of the city possible. The Amsterdam-based brewer will officially be main sponsor of the Amsterdam 750 anniversary year. By attracting beer brewer Heineken as the main sponsor of the festivities, a significant gap has been closed both financially and organizationally. More >>
Dutch adults drink non-alcoholic drinks, especially in addition to alcoholic drinks (14 February 2024)
Dutch people often drink non-alcoholic drinks. For example, 15% of young people drink non-alcoholic drinks monthly (2021), among adults this is 16% (2022). For most adults, non-alcoholic drinks are not a complete replacement for alcoholic drinks, they drink both non-alcoholic drinks and alcoholic drinks. More >>
RIVM: Prevention Agreement does not help enough to achieve alcohol targets (17 January 2024)
The Dutch government wants fewer people to smoke, be overweight or drink too much alcohol. To achieve this, the National Prevention Agreement (NPA) was concluded in 2018 with targets for 2040. The RIVM calculated what the situation would be in 2040 regarding these preventive health targets with and without this agreement. More >>

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