House of Representatives adopted motion asking mapping advertising restrictions and bans

5 March 2024

On March 5, the House of Representatives adopted a motion asking the government to investigate legal alcohol advertising restrictions and bans.

The motion asks the government to map before the end of the year whether and how alcohol marketing can be legally restricted or prohibited for vulnerable groups such as young people and problem drinkers.

In the run up to the vote, various industry parties indicated that they were concerned that the motion would be adopted. For example, a regional beer brewer said he is concerned that alcohol marketing on social media will be limited or banned. Small brewers often use social media for promotion activities, because it is cheap. "We are a country par excellence with a rich beer culture. That is in danger of being completely lost," he said.

The Director of the Dutch Retail Council said on LinkedIn that the MPs that submitted the motion have no regard for the consequences that an advertising ban will have on, for example, the sports and cultural world. "For example, an advertising ban means that many local associations, events and festivals will have to look for new sponsors to cover their budgets."

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