Uncontrollable expansion of alcohol selling places will go on, despite verdict of a regional Court

7 April 2016

The regional Court of Overijssel gave last week a reprimand to the municipality of the capital city Zwolle for not enforcing some paragraphs of the Alcohol Licensing and Catering Act on false grounds. Zwolle stopped the enforcement of the ban on off premise sales of wine in non foodstores during the time they are participating in an alcohol deregulation pilot.

Today the national Union of Local Authorities, the organization behind the largest alcohol deregulation pilot, announced that the verdict will have no impact (!) on the implementation of their pilot. In this pilot in about 50 municipalities it will be tolerated that retail stores sell and serve mildly alcoholic beverages in violation with the current law.
As the lines between on and off premise sales will be blurred, they call it a 'blurring-pilot'. The idea behind it is that it will make city centers more attractive.

The Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP fears that this pilot will end in an enormous growth of the number of alcohol selling points. STAP urges State Secretary of Health Martin van Rijn to take action.



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