Alcohol Marketing on Social Media

28 November 2017

EUCAM published recently a new review on alcohol marleting on sociale media. The review, written by Amber Simons and Wim van Dalen, discusses the volume and content of alcohol marketing via social media and the impact it has on young people.

The main goal is to describe the amount of alcohol marketing young people are exposed to on social media as well as how alcohol brands use social media platforms and user generated content to promote alcohol consumption. The results show that volume and content of alcohol marketing differ between studies and that user generated content forms a not to be underestimated part.

The literature review finds that alcohol marketing uses messages containing humor, indications of social success, and associations with events to attract users and promote their brands and that only a few regulations are in place for social media. These regulations are found to be difficult to adhere to and ineffective in protecting young people.

From this literature review, it is possible to conclude that alcohol marketing via social media represents a relatively new phenomena and that the impact of it on the drinking behavior of young people has to be taken very serious. Effective regulations to reduce the impact of alcohol marketing via social media seems a natural step given the growing user base of such platform.



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