More young Dutch with fake IDs end up at HALT

24 April 2017

More and more young Dutch end up at the youth crime intervention office HALT for using a fake identity card. Last year a total of 428 young Dutch were sent to HALT for using a fake ID, compared to 350 in 2015. In the first four months of this year, HALT already gave alternative sanctions to 147 teenagers for using a fake ID.

HALT does not attribute the increase only to more kids using a fake ID to get into a club or buy alcohol, but also to better cooperation between the police, municipality and hospitality industry, fewer teenagers get away with it.

About 20% of 2,000 students participating in a youth panel, admitted they used an ID card that is fake. Of these students 10% took an ID of someone who is older, 3% falsified the date of birth on their own ID and 7% did both.



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