Iris Care wants ban of alcohol sales in supermarkets

25 October 2016

Iris Care, a recognized organization for addiction rehabilitation in Netherlands has asked the government to ban the sales of alcoholic drinks in supermarkets. The outgoing CEO of Iris Care, Don Olthof, calls on the government to ban the sale of beer, wine and mixed drinks at the supermarket.

In an interview with a daily newspaper Don Olthof stated that sales should be restricted to liquor stores. "Of all the addictions problems are the problems of alcohol always been greatest," Olthof said to the newspaper. "Alcohol is also the most toxic substance. If it were invent it now, it would be absolutely prohibited. But alcohol has become increasingly freer and more easily obtainable over the years. As if it is a food."

The call of Olthof is not completely out of nowhere. It seems that measures to restrict the sale of alcohol in supermarket have gained popularity. Deloitte survey shows that now 9 percent of the Dutch is in favor of a complete ban on the sale of beer and wine at the supermarket. Another 36 percent want supermarkets drink only allowed to sell from secluded areas of the store. A few days ago, the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP, called for a minimum price for alcohol.



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