Members bill to relax Alcohol Licensing and Catering Act

6 June 2018

Today liberal MP Erik Ziengs (VVD) submitted a members bill to relax the rules for selling and serving alcohol laid down in the Alcohol Licensing and Catering Act. Various political parties are enthusiastic about his proposal.

If the bill will be adopted restaurants and bars will be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages (off premise) and liquor stores may serve alcohol (on premise).

Furthermore, every retailer can ask the municipality for a licence to sell and serve alcoholic beverages as side activity. This includes retailers such as barber shops and beauty parlors.

If his proposal is fully adopted, according to Ziengs, it also means that gas stations can sell and serve alcohol with a licence. That was banned in 2000, because of the safety risks of alcohol in traffic.

Paul Blokhuis, the state secretary responsible for alcohol policy, does not feel anything for the VVD plan. "I give everyone the pleasure of having a beer or wine, but in this time when we know more and more about the health risks of alcohol, I am of course not in favor of letting the number of places where you can get alcohol almost unlimited."



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