Largest Dutch webshop: sorry, no alcohol anymore

9 September 2020

The largest online store in the Netherlands,, suddenly stops selling alcoholic drinks. Their argument is that the legally obliged age check for alcohol cannot be sufficiently guaranteed.

Less than two years after the company started it, the web store has already stopped selling alcohol. Partner companies includes the greatest Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn and the Dutch chain of liquor shops Gall & Gall. In an email to the partner companies that sell (spirits) drinks via, the webshop states that it will immediately stop selling alcohol. Anyone looking for drinks on the site will now see: “Oops! Sorry, we can no longer find this page “.

The reason given by the largest online sales platform in the Netherlands is that it fears that drinks will be delivered to customers under the age of 18. According to, delivery services and the drink sellers themselves cannot sufficiently guarantee that no alcoholic drinks are ordered by and delivered to young people under 18.

According to Wim van Dalen of the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP,’s decision at this point comes as a big surprise. Secretary of State Paul Blokhuis has just submitted a new alcohol bill with the aim, among other things, to improve effective age verification in online ordering and delivery. Van Dalen: "It is clear that has no confidence in the proposals of Blokhuis and probably even fears image damage."

In the Netherlands, research is regularly conducted into the degree of compliance with the 18-year limit. The most recent national survey shows that online ordering and delivery compliance is dramatically low. The age limit is only properly observed in 2.2% of the purchases via webshops.

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