Heineken research confirms intimidation of African beer promotional girls

5 July 2018

In Africa, promotional girls working for Heineken are intimidated on a large scale during their work and they have poor working conditions. This is shown in research commissioned by Heineken, carried out by agency Partner Africa, after reports in Dutch Newspaper NRC and the book Beer for Africa, written by journalist Olivier van Beemen. As a result the work of the promotional girls in Mozambique have been halted for the time being. The brewer will come with new rules to prevent excesses.

According to the study, women in eight of the thirteen African countries where Heineken uses them are victims of sexual, physical or verbal harassment. In the other five countries these problems would not occur, but in four countries the interviews with the promotional girls took place at their employer's office, which may have influenced the answers.

Heineken uses 20,000 promotional girls worldwide, including 4,000 in Africa, according to its own estimate.

Heineken has made a summary of the report available. The company refuses to disclose the full investigation "because it contains competition-sensitive information".

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partner-africa-assessment-report-1_1.pdfpartner-africa-assessment-report-1_1.pdf (546 kB)


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