As of tomorrow most venues open until 10 PM

25 January 2022

Starting tomorrow, all cafes, restaurants, cinemas, museums and theatres can open their doors again from 5 AM to 10 PM. Nightclubs are not allowed to open yet. Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Ernst Kuipers announced this tonight. The measures will apply for the time being 6 weeks.

Visitors to catering venues and the cultural sector are only welcome with a corona-entry-pass. Visitors must also be given a permanent seat and mouth caps must be worn. Everyone must stay 1.5 metres apart. Take-away and delivery are permitted.

Indoor and outdoor events are allowed again. Indoor events will be limited to 1,250 visitors, while outdoors capacity will be limited to one third. In addition, everyone will have to show a corona-entry-pass.

Shops are also allowed to open again until 10 PM, now the doors have to close at 8 PM. Transfer locations such as zoos, amusement parks and museums may also open their doors again, but with the restriction of one visitor per 5 m².

The advice for the number of guests to receive at home remains at 4.


corona-pandemic-in-the-netherlands-10.pdfcorona-pandemic-in-the-netherlands-10.pdf (254 kB)


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