Holland Heineken House is now a thing of the past

7 April 2023

Since the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992, the Holland Heineken House has been the place where Dutch medal winners were honoured in presence of their fans. The event was widely seen on televison and Heineken benefited from the exposure those broadcasts had. STAP and other health organisations have drawn attention to the inappropriate link between sporting success and the beer brand.

It was announced today that the collaboration will come to an end. The Dutch Olympic Committe (NOC*NSF) have changed arrangments for the athletes for the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris. The new location will operate under the flag of TeamNL and will be called the TeamNL House.

The end of this arrangement is a step forward and STAP hope to eventually see the end of all alcohol sponsorship in sport. Wim van Dalen: "We are pleased that the name Holland Heineken House is now a thing of the past."



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