Heineken sticks to beer promotional girls

26 November 2018

Heineken keeps using promotional girls, who seduce customers in bars and streets to drink more beer. Heineken CEO Jean-François van Boxmeer said this in an interview in Het Financieele Dagblad.

This form of marketing is controversial, since a journalist showed this year that many African beer promotional girls are sexually assaulted. In Western eyes it is therefore an outdated instrument. Yet, abolition is not an option, explains Van Boxmeer.

"In some countries there was indeed a problem", Van Boxmeer acknowledges. "These women worked for external promotion agencies and our audit was not strict enough." He also says that in some countries these activities have been stopped. "Among other things, we have rewritten our codes, adjusted uniforms and dress codes, and we have had the use of promotional girls checked by an external non-profit organization, and we want to do that again next year."

"There are no longer promotional girls in Western Europe because #Metoo is a Western phenomenon, but in Nigeria there are women who live off such a job," says Van Boxmeer.



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