Alcohol industry sows doubts on new Dutch alcohol guideline

21 March 2016

The Dutch alcohol industry started a campaign to undermine the credibility of the new official alcohol guideline of the Health Council of the Netherlands. Since last November the advice is: "Don't drink alcohol or drink no more than one glass daily." Instead of recognizing the social importance of the new guideline, the Foundation for Responsible Alcohol Consumption (STIVA) find them not sufficiently proven and “too rigorous”. In STIVA the Dutch manufacturers and importers of beer, wine and spirits work together.

Last week STIVA opened the website In it she asks for revision of the alcohol guideline. For now, the STIVA will use her 2006 slogan: "Enjoy, but drink in moderation."

The Health Council states that although there are some benefits associated with moderate alcohol consumption, alcohol use is risky for a large group of people. This applies for example to young people, but also to pregnant and lactating women, people taking certain medications, the chronically ill and people who have had drinking problems. Moreover, there is no safe lower limit for the relationship alcohol and cancer.
People who do not belong to the risk groups and who want to use alcoholic drinks, are advised to stick to one glass (10 grams of alcohol) daily.


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