Dutch start easing coronavirus restrictions

7 May 2020

The Dutch government outlined its road map to ease the coronavirus restrictions on Wednesday, with prime minister Mark Rutte and minister Hugo de Jonge saying there is room to relax some of the rules as long as hospitals are not overloaded and the elderly and people in poor health remain protected.

June 1:
Terraces can reopen as long as everyone sits at a table and there is 1.5 metres between all customers. Restaurants and pubs can reopen too for a maximum of 30 customers, seated 1.5 metres apart and by reservation only. The owner will discuss with the customers beforehand whether their visit entails risks.

July 1:
Restaurants and pubs can scale up to a maximum of 100 people, seated 1.5 metres apart and by reservation only.

September 1:
Sports clubs and sport canteens can reopen.

All the measures depend on a continued reduction in the infection rate and each measure will be given final approval a week before the deadline.

The Cabinet is not yet able to state exactly when the ban on festivals and large organised events (including soccer matches) will be lifted. In a letter to Parliament minister De Jonge writes that these events can only take place again if there is a vaccine against the virus.



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