Municipalities should do more to stop ‘all you can drink’ parties

29 December 2015

Local authorities should play a more prominent role in efforts to top youngsters drinking so much alcohol, according to the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP, which promotes responsible drinking. In particular, STAP says it is concerned about ‘all you can drink’ parties, for which the entrance fee covers unlimited alcohol.

“These parties break the law in every possible way,” director Wim van Dalen told Radio 1 news on Monday. “The compliance with the age limit is low, people are served even though they have obviously consumed too much, and youngsters who are already drunk are allowed in to these events in the first place,” Van Dalen said.

Van Dalen: “We know that cafes and bars are among the worst at respecting the 18-plus rule. Municipalities should be dealing with this, and that means they should use their Alcohol Licensing and Catering Act Inspectors in the best way possible.”



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