Promotional girls Heineken subject of motion of Dutch Parliament

10 April 2018

During a debate about International Corporate Social Responsibility in the Dutch House of Representatives, a motion was proposed in response to the revelations about Heineken's African promotional girls. The motion is formulated by MP Bente Becker (Party for Freedom and Democracy) and seconded by five other MPs: Mustafa Amhaouch, Mahir Alkaya, Joël Voordewind, Kirsten van den Hul and Achraf Bouali.

The motion is calling the government to combat human rights violations, including sexual harassment and exploitation of women, within the private sector.

The motion demands regularly reports upon the issue and a review of the existing subsidy framework. If necessary, this subsidy framework must be adapted so that money can be reclaimed if a company does not do enough to tackle the abuses.

On 10 April 2018 the motion has been adopted, with only 2 votes against.

motie-van-het-lid-becker_1.pdfmotie-van-het-lid-becker_1.pdf (36,6 kB)


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