Minors see fewer alcohol spots on television, but are still reached by alcohol marketers

3 December 2021

How many alcohol spots were broadcasted in 2020 around television programs after 9 PM that were viewed by more than 100,000 young people aged 12-17?

Research conducted by Featly Media based on data from Stichting Kijkonderzoek shows that in 2020 after 9 PM there were 53 TV programs that were viewed by more than 100,000 people under the age of 18. Before, during and after those 53 programs, 14 alcohol spots were broadcasted.

The Foundation for Responsible Alcohol Consumption (STIVA), a partnership of the alcohol industry, commissioned this research. Peter de Wolf, director of STIVA, concludes that young people hardly ever see alcohol spots on Dutch TV, especially if you compare that with 2002. That was before there was a national ban on broadcasting alcohol spots by Dutch TV and radio stations before 9 PM.

Recent research by Breuer & Intraval shows that young people are frequently exposed to various forms of alcohol marketing via television. This concerns, for example, 'non-spot' expressions from advertisers who are not part of the regular commercial breaks. Such as billboards with alcohol advertisements and promos for major sporting events such as Formula 1 and Champions League.

In addition to exposure on television, product placement in supermarkets and cinemas appears to be an important way in which young people view alcohol marketing. Young people are also confronted with umbrellas and billboards with alcohol marketing in the outdoor seating areas of catering venues.

And last but not least, young people are confronted with alcohol marketing through social media. This concerns sponsored alcohol advertisements and (intentional or non-intentional) alcohol messages via, for example, vlogs from influencers.

STIVA states in its press release that it is of course aware that part of the media consumption of minors has moved from television to services such as Netflix and Disney+ (where no commercials can be seen) and also to social media.

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