Almost one in five Dutch pregnant women uses alcohol

29 July 2015

In 2010 19% of pregnant women in the Netherlands used alcohol, according to a study by Caren Lanting and colleagues among 1,410 mothers with babies younger than 6 months who visited a well-baby clinic.

During the first three months of pregnancy 14% of the mothers drank. It was usually one glass once a month (or less often). Older women and women with higher education drunk more, just as women who smoked. 2.4% of pregnant women drank alcohol ánd smoked.

Source: Lanting et al. BMC Public Health (2015) 15:723. DOI 10.1186/s 12889-015-2070-1.

lanting-a.o.-prevalence-and-pattern-of-alcohol-consumption-during-pregnancy-in-the-netherlands_2.pdflanting-a.o.-prevalence-and-pattern-of-alcohol-consumption-during-pregnancy-in-the-netherlands_2.pdf (352 kB)


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