Over 900 Dutch minors hospitalized because they had drunk too much

8 March 2016

Last year 931 Dutch minors ended up in hospital because they had drunk too much alcohol, a rise of 19% on 2014. Of these 691 had an acute alcohol poisoning. The number of minors with acute alcohol poisoning was up 27% on the previous year, figures collated by paediatrician Nico van der Lely show.

The boy-girl ratio of the 931 alcohol-hospitalizations was 53% and 47%. Their average age was 15.4 years. In 2007, at the beginning of the registration of alcohol admissions, the average age was 14.9 years. The records show that the average blood alcohol level was 1.94 pro mille. On average, the youngsters were 3 hours unconscious. Most young people indicated that they have been drinking spirits (including liquorettes), followed by beer, mixed drinks and wine.

Youngsters were asked about the drinking location prior to their hospitalization. It shows that 45% say they have been drinking with friends at home; 26% on the street and 9% with their parents. The drinks not from friends or home proves to be bought in the supermarket, in restaurants or at the liquor store. In total, 111 minors (12%) said they had bought the alcohol itself. In 2015 a large majority (57%) of young people did not have parental permission to drink.


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