Large majority of Dutch adults in favour of alcohol advertising ban

16 November 2022

65% of adults in the Netherlands are in favour of a ban on alcohol advertising. This is apparent from a survey by the Trimbos Institute among 5,901 people 18+ into the support for alcohol policy measures.

The research also shows that there is little support for plans to ‘blur’ alcohol laws so that entrepreneurs in shopping areas can combine retail and catering services, for example, serving beer at the hairdresser or wine in the supermarket. Almost three quarters of adults (74%) think the existing ban on mixing on and off premise sales is (very) good.

The support for other policy measures aimed at reducing alcohol consumption is as follows:

- Alcohol health warnings on the label
More than six in ten (63%) adults think it is (very) good to introduce mandatory labelling of the risks of alcohol use. Alcohol labelling can increase awareness about alcohol harm and reduce alcohol consumption.

- Price measures: ban on price promotions and price increase
Of the adults, 44% think a ban on discounts on alcohol in the supermarket or catering industry is (very) good. In addition, 40% of adults think a higher price for alcohol is (very) good. Pricing measures can reduce alcohol consumption and its related harm.

- Alcohol only for sale in liquor stores
Almost four in ten (38%) adults think it is (very) good if alcohol is only for sale in liquor stores, so no longer in other shops such as the supermarket. This reduces the availability of alcohol.

draagvlak-voor-beleidsmaatregelen-om-schade-door-alcoholgebruik-te-verminderen_2.pdfdraagvlak-voor-beleidsmaatregelen-om-schade-door-alcoholgebruik-te-verminderen_2.pdf (620 kB)


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