No further drop in alcohol use pupils aged 12-16

5 September 2018

In previous years alcohol consumption of Dutch pupils of secondary schools aged 12-16 dropped sharply. That trend has come to an end. This is evident from the Health Behavior in School-aged Children (HBSC) research, published today. The study is part of the international HBSC research in which more than 40 countries participate.

40% of pupils aged 15 and 50% of pupils aged 16 drank alcohol monthly. And these young people drink a lot. Nearly a third have recently been drunk and more than 70% drank more than five glasses in one occasion in the past month (binge drinking).

The lower the school level of the drinking pupils, the more they drink. Young people with a migration background drink less often, but if they drink there is no difference in the amount of alcohol they consume, compared to their peers without a migration background.

A majority of pupils aged 12-16 say their parents dislike it when they drink at home, even one glass. The tolerance of parents for drinking alcohol increases with the age of their child. Parents impose relatively strict rules on their 12-year-old children, but the strictness of these rules diminishes during adolescence.


No further drop in alcohol use pupils aged 12-16


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