STAP fears that alcohol sales via may lead to greater alcohol consumption

4 October 2018 started alcohol sales on Wednesday. If the buyer is too young, the packages will not be delivered. But according to the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP director Wim van Dalen it is doubtful if age checks will work.

"We have all ordered stuff online and we know delivery staff are always in a hurry… I predict 15 to 17 year-olds in particular will find it easier to get their hands on alcohol", Van Dalen was quoted as saying. Access to alcohol is increasing, according to STAP. Apart from physical stores, more online shops are selling alcohol. STAP also pointed out that ‘blurring’, offering alcoholic drinks at places like the hairdresser’s or in bookshops, is gaining in popularity.

"In the case of what is happening could be called ‘online blurring’ which is stimulating alcohol consumption. The threshold to buy is lowered at a time when people are already drinking too much, not just teens but adults too", Van Dalen told has said it will be acting according to Dutch rules surrounding the sale of alcohol and will not be promoting alcoholic drinks by means of newsletters.



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