Heineken pulls 'Lighter Is Better' ad after rapper called it racist

27 March 2018

Dutch beer giant Heineken decided to retract a commercial after Chance the Rapper called the campaign slogan "sometimes, lighter is better" racist. The rapper from Chicago got a lot of support on social media.

"Although we find the commercial refers to our Heineken Light beer, we have missed the mark and we take the feedback to heart', Heineken said in a statement. "We will take this into account in the development of our future campaigns."

In the commercial a barman spots an apparently thirsty woman at the end of the bar with binoculars. He opens a light beer and slides it towards her. The beer slides past a number of dark skin people before ending up with the woman at the end of the bar, at which point the slogan "sometimes lighter is better" appears on the screen. Heineken Light is a brew for the foreign market that contains fewer calories and less alcohol.

Chance the Rapper, and others, think Heineken may intentionally make commercials that cause uproar. Negative messages will stay better.


Heineken pulls 'Lighter Is Better' ad after rapper called it racist


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