Heineken approved new sub-brands of Amstel Beer in Russia

7 March 2023

Heineken yesterday reversed two previous statements about investments in Russia. The brewer apologizes for not being clear about the need to invest in Russia, which has led to confusion and doubt about Heineken's promise to leave Russia.

The brewer now acknowledges that its Russian subsidiary is not completely separate from the parent company in Amsterdam and that its headquarters agreed in advance with the introduction of some of the new products that Heineken Russia launched last year.

Earlier, Heineken stated that the management in Russia was completely self-sufficient and acted without support from the parent company. Yesterday, Heineken announced that it is entering the next phase in which the activities in Russia will be disconnected. So that disconnection has not yet taken place.

Heineken also admits that its headquarters has authorized the company's Russian division to launch three new sub-brands of Amstel Bier (Amstel Fresh, Amstel Extra and Amstel Nature Wild Berries), which the company also previously denied.

Where Heineken previously spoke of 'reduced activities' in Russia, the company now admits that sales remained the same.

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