Hospital Amsterdam rings alarm bell on drunken patients

16 April 2016

OLVG, one of the greatest hospitals in Amsterdam, is ringing the alarm bell on the nuisance caused by drunken patients in the Emergency Department. Certainly thirds of patients entering the emergency room on a Friday or Saturday night, has looked deep into the glass. Some swearing, spitting, threatening and throwing stuff.

There is often a peak around ten o'clock in the evening and a peak after closing time of the cafes," says Michiel Gorzeman, physician and medical manager of the Emergency Department OLVG. Most patients are between twenty and forty years and have fallen off their bike. The trouble is great. "They are annoying and restless. They do not want to wait for a cure and are aggressive. With all its consequences. We want to ring the alarm bell on alcohol nuisance. There should be more attention for this problem in the hospitality sector and through public education in schools. Alcohol is accepted by society, but it brings a lot of aggression, restlessness and care with it. There is much attention to drugs like ecstasy, but alcohol is an underestimated problem."



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