Dutch cabinet lifts most remaining coronavirus restrictions

15 February 2022

Tonight, Minister Ernst Kuipers of Health announced at a press conference that almost all corona measures will be lifted from 25 February.

This will go in a few steps. On Friday 18 February, the closing times of catering venues and the cultural sector will be extended to 1:00 AM. The mandatory mouth cap, the 1,5 meter distance rule and a ‘fixed seat for everyone’ will be cancelled.

On 25 February, the normal municipal closing times from before the corona pandemic will apply again for catering venues. On 25 February, the use of the corona entry pass will expire, except for foreign travel.

The mouth cap obligation in public transport and planes will continue to exist.

Visitors of indoor events with more than 500 people, must be tested negative in advance.

What remains are the hygiene advices: do not shake hands, wash often your hands, keep distance, ventilate well and test in case of complaints. Those who test positive must be in isolation for at least 5 days.


corona-pandemic-in-the-netherlands-11.pdfcorona-pandemic-in-the-netherlands-11.pdf (255 kB)


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