Heineken still invests in Russia

21 February 2023

Despite its promise to cease investing in Russia because of the war in Ukraine, Heineken launched a whopping 61 new products on the Russian market last year, representing 720,000 hectoliters of extra sales of beer and soft drinks. This is evident from an article by Olivier van Beemen on the research platform Follow the Money.

“2022 has become a turbulent period for all market players, but at the same time it has presented many opportunities and opened up new ways to develop and expand our business,” it says in a retrospective on Heineken Russia’s website. “We are proud to announce that we have achieved record levels in several segments at once.” “This was possible through fantastic teamwork and the belief that anything is possible.”

The multinational stopped producing Heineken beer in Russia, but thanks to the strong growth of Amstel (also a Heineken brand), after the introduction of 3 sub-brands of Amstel, the company managed to fill the gap mostly on its own.

For 2023, the company announced even more new investments, such as more modern packaging and new flavours.



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