Alcohol ban Ajax-Chelsea worked well

24 October 2019

The ban on off premise selling of alcohol in the Red Light District of Amsterdam in the run-up to the Ajax-Chelsea football match worked well. There was less clutter in the streets and only one shopkeeper was fined.

A spokesperson says the cleaning service has found significantly fewer empty beverage bottles and beer cans on the street. Moreover, it remained quiet in the city: ultimately the police arrested 13 people before and after the game, of which 4 were British supporters. They have all been sent away with a fine.

Alcohol sales were banned in around 25 shops and liquor stores. Only 1 shopkeeper received a fine of € 1,200 because drinks were sold in his store.

Mayor Femke Halsema of Amsterdam has announced that she is considering banning more often the sale of alcohol prior to football matches against foreign clubs.



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