New edition of the '7 Key Messages of the Alcohol Industry'

3 August 2021

Worldwide, the alcohol industry often uses the same arguments to defend their products and prevent or delay effective policies. The seven most frequently heard arguments and key messages have recently been updated and fact-checked by Wim van Dalen, chairman of EUCAM, a European network of organizations that focus on monitoring alcohol marketing.

The following industry messages are described and explained in the brochure:
1. Consuming alcohol is normal, social and enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle
2. Alcohol problems are caused by a small group of people who have other problems and therefore cannot handle alcohol
3. Responsible alcohol consumption is part of a healthy lifestyle
4. Alcohol advertising does not lead to an increase in alcohol consumption
5. Information and education about responsible use is the best method to protect society from alcohol problems
6. Alcohol-free and low alcohol beverages can play a role in reducing harmful drinking
7. Alcohol problems can only be solved if all parties work together

Link to the digital version of the brochure.

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