Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP

STAP is a national, independent knowledge institute of alcohol policy. It was established in 1994 and it advocates effective alcohol policies and greater public awareness of the risks of alcohol.

In recent years STAP conducted research for more than 100 municipalities (both large and small), mostly compliance research. STAP is one of the most experienced consulting organizations for alcohol policy in the Netherlands. STAP bases its recommendations on scientific knowledge and on proven effective experiences.

Activities in 2021

STAP will give in 2021 priority to the following specific activities:

1. Disseminating knowledge about the health consequences of alcohol use.
2. Advocate for information and warning messages on packaging of alcoholic beverages.
3. Contributing to better compliance and enforcement of the purchasing limit of 18 years.
4. Promote that alcohol is not offered too cheaply.
5. Advocate a ban on alcohol advertising and alcohol sports sponsorship.
6. Lobby against expanding the number of outlets.
7. Contributions to several paragraphs of the Alcohol Decree in which provisions of the new Alcohol Act are further elaborated.
8. Increasing public support for effective policy measures together with our partners in AAN, the Alliance Alcohol Policy Netherlands.

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