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FASE - Focus on Alcohol Safe Environments

The FASE project has been finished in 2009, this website is no longer being updated.

In its 2007 work plan, the European Commission called for the collection of best practices in work-place strategies to reduce the impact of harmful and hazardous alcohol consumption on the economy; networking, evaluation and collection of best practises on well-resourced community mobilisation and intervention projects to create safer drinking environments; and development of best practice in advertising, self regulation and monitoring.

To undertake systematic reviews and to systematically collect examples of best practice in the three topic areas, workplaces, drinking environments and advertising; to prepare reports on guidance for the implementation of best practice; to share knowledge and expertise on best practice with all relevant networks of professionals involved in each of the three topic areas at European, country, regional and municipal levels.

Systematic reviews are undertaken of the international and European literature to identify evidence based interventions and policies in the three topic areas; collation of examples of European cases studies of related laws, interventions and programmes are gathered from a wide range of country partners and recommendations for effective prevention and practice and guidelines are prepared based on the findings of the systematic reviews and collected examples.

Role of STAP
STAP, besides being coordinator of the project, took care of the work package Alcohol Marketing. From the literature study on effective alcohol marketing regulations resulted an evidence based framework for the evaluation of regulations. Furthermore the alcohol marketing regulations of 23 European countries were gathered and seven cases studies were made. Resulting in a accesible policy report with recommendations effective alcohol marketing regualtions.

All project reports and further information can be found by visiting the project website (


FASE reports

Work package "Alcohol marketing regulations"

Literature study on alcohol marketingLiterature study on alcohol marketing (1,47 MB)

Policy report on alcohol marketingPolicy report on alcohol marketing (956 kB)

Work package "Alcohol at the workplace"

Literature study on alcohol at the workplaceLiterature study on alcohol at the workplace (1,09 MB)

Case studies alcohol at the workplaceCase studies alcohol at the workplace (2,52 MB)


Work package "Safe drinking environments"

Literature study onsafe drinking environmentsLiterature study onsafe drinking environments (0,99 MB)

Policy report on safe drinking environmentsPolicy report on safe drinking environments (1,07 MB)

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