Groningen will ban alcohol advertisements in public spaces (22 November 2023)
The municipality of Groningen no longer allows advertising in public spaces for alcohol, gambling, meat and the fossil industry. The ban will apply to billboards owned by the municipality. That's about 800 plates. More >>
House of Representatives approved excise duty increase of 8.4% (31 October 2023)
Last Friday, the House of Representatives approved an amendment by MPs Silvio Erkens of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy and Chris Stoffer of the Dutch Reformed Political Party to increase excise duties on alcoholic beverages by approximately 8.4% as of January 1, 2024. The increase of 8.4% is just over half of what Dutch government proposed in September on Budget Day. More >>
Alcohol ban can solve problems surrounding Dutch football hooliganism (29 September 2023)
An alcohol ban could be a solution to football hooliganism in the Netherlands. This was written by consultancy firm Berenschot in an advice on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and Security. More >>
Dutch teens are – compared to adults - better informed about the risks of alcohol (26 September 2023)
The under-18s are better informed than adults about the risks attached to drinking alcohol, according to research as part of behalf of the 'For your health?' campaign. More >>
Alcohol and Cancer campaign (3 July 2023)
The Dutch Digestive Diseases Foundation and the Dutch Cancer Society have launched a knowledge campaign about the relationship between alcohol and cancer as part of the Healthy Generation initiative. The aim of the ‘For Your Health?’ campaign is to share knowledge and create awareness: drinking alcohol increases the risk of 7 types of cancer. The campaign will be visible on TV and in cinemas. More >>
Heineken adjusts advertising posters because models look too young (2 June 2023)
Heineken removes advertising posters because the models on them look too young. The selfregulatory Advertising Code for Alcoholic Beverages states that models in alcohol advertising may not be younger or appear evidently younger than 25 years. Other posters are now taking their place. More >>

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