Heineken adjusts advertising posters because models look too young (2 June 2023)
Heineken removes advertising posters because the models on them look too young. The selfregulatory Advertising Code for Alcoholic Beverages states that models in alcohol advertising may not be younger or appear evidently younger than 25 years. Other posters are now taking their place. More >>
Crate beer on offer 35% more expensive since stunt ban (31 May 2023)
A crate of beer on offer cost an average of €14.22 in the supermarket in the first months of this year. In a crate there are usually 24 bottles with 300 ml beer. More >>
Holland Heineken House is now a thing of the past (7 April 2023)
Since the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992, the Holland Heineken House has been the place where Dutch medal winners were honoured in presence of their fans. The event was widely seen on televison and Heineken benefited from the exposure those broadcasts had. STAP and other health organisations have drawn attention to the inappropriate link between sporting success and the beer brand. More >>
Heineken approved new sub-brands of Amstel Beer in Russia (7 March 2023)
Heineken yesterday reversed two previous statements about investments in Russia. The brewer apologizes for not being clear about the need to invest in Russia, which has led to confusion and doubt about Heineken's promise to leave Russia. More >>
Heineken still invests in Russia (21 February 2023)
Despite its promise to cease investing in Russia because of the war in Ukraine, Heineken launched a whopping 61 new products on the Russian market last year, representing 720,000 hectoliters of extra sales of beer and soft drinks. This is evident from an article by Olivier van Beemen on the research platform Follow the Money. More >>
Heineken CEO sows doubts about the relationship between alcohol and cancer (16 February 2023)
In an interview in the biggest Dutch Newspaper, de Telegraaf, Heineken CEO Dolf van den Brink sows doubts about the relationship between alcohol and cancer. He states that moderate use can be part of a healthy lifestyle and that there is a lot of doubts about how certain studies can be interpreted. More >>

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